The Customer Service Department is the company function where MTC is investing more in terms of human and technical resources.

In addition to the service coming from Italy, MTC can also give assistance from North America, with its sister company named T.E.C. Inc., based in Greenville (WI) and strategically positioned to satisfy its American customers needs.

These are services offered by MTC Custom Service Dept:



MTC's Customer Service Department is always available to provide all information regarding spare parts, technical assistance, maintenance and personnel's training. Our supplies include a “modem package” which allows our software technicians to connect themselves with our machines all over the world, to give a rapid assistance in case of technical problems. This guarantees a rapid return of the line to normal efficiency and productivity.


MTC supplies accessories and spare parts for all its converting lines and, moreover, spare parts for most italian-made converting and wrapping machines.

A 3D spare parts manual is included with the supply of our machines so to facilitate traceability of parts code to be ordered.

Both MTC and TEC have a well-provided warehouse to satisfy demands and needs of customers in the shortest time possible.


Training is without any doubt, one of the most important aspect of any new line. One of MTC main aim, is to make its customers completely self-sufficient as early as possible. Our training service allows all operators and maintenance technicians to be educated either in class and directly on the lines so to really understand the good and complete functioning of the machines.


In addition to the Service coming from Italy, since 2008 all MTC machines are supported in North America by our Wisconsin based sales and service facility named T.E.C., Inc. (Tissue Excellence Center) and strategically positioned to satisfy most of customer needs online cialis. TEC After Sale Department is composed of 12 people, divided between 8 skilled Engineers to provide all customers with a prompt and technical assistance
and 4 employees for the Spare Parts Service. Their work is co-ordinated by a Director. TEC Service operates 24hrs/7 days for any rush order or customer’s request. For more infomation visit the website